Upcoming Workshop

Keum Boo Pendant with Ruth Wiseman

17th November

Spend a lovely day with Ruth creating something magical using the ancient Korean art of Keum Boo.
Working with a pre-cut shape you will learn the wonderful techniques of applying the Keum Boo method which is the fusing of 24kt gold to silver. You will then be able to texture your piece with various silversmithing tools and rolling mills. After you are happy with the texture you will finish your piece using tools and polishers for a bright or patinated finish.

Latest Exhibition

Corrina Rothwell

2nd November to 23rd December

Corrina Rothwell is a self-taught artist, illustrator and greeting card publisher who is well known in Nottingham to create colourful, witty cards and prints inspired by everyday life. She now moves into large scale paintings full of colour and the bigger the better with these wonderful pieces.


Artist of the Month: November

Courageous Art

Nina trained as a designer and still works for many publishing companies designing and illustrating book covers. She is also an avid all round craft maker and creative, mum and working her way to becoming a ‘cat lady’! 
She is currently re-training and studying part time for an M.A. in Art Psychotherapy. Her studies have reignited her love for intuitive art making and she has found a way to combine art and design by creating products that incorporate her art.