Upcoming Workshop

Textured Jewellery with Helen Domleo

23rd June

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as those wanting to learn a new skill. Come and learn how to create different textured surfaces by using a rolling mill, different types of hammers, stamps and punches as well as doing some doming and curving to make your pieces more dynamic. You will be provided with copper to experiment with different techniques. Once you have explored the options you will have the opportunity to make earrings, pendants, rings or even a bangle in silver or copper. We will also look at how to produce landscapes and pictures with textures.

Latest Exhibition

Helen Hallows

18th June to 10th August


Visit us at Focus Gallery for a stunning exhibition of work by local artist Helen Hallows. Her work is lively and colourful, depicting landscapes in collage, paint, and stitch which are reminiscent of journeys through the local countryside.


Artist of the Month: June

Michael Sewell

Michael is a local woodturner who, like many of our artists, began his craft as a hobby. He is also passing down his love of the craft to his son who makes many pieces alongside his dad. We love to see the next generation of makers getting started, whether that's those who are just learning or just turning their hobby into a business, and it's lovely to know with every purchase you are supporting budding makers and their families. Based in Nottingham, he even uses locally sourced wood and remnants to keep his practise as eco-friendly as possible.