Kerry Colbrook

3rd May to 28th June

​Hill, dale, mountain, moor, woodland, beach, Kerry loves it all. Landscapes scribbled with footpaths and tracks invite her to explore, and more, they inspire her to paint.

"​I have always doodled, painted, sketched and love having a vast collection of art materials to play with. However the greatest tool I use is my imagination, together with the wonderful world around me. These work together to help conjure up images that need bringing to life as paintingsI like to experiment with media and style - anything goes, collage included and hopefully it emerges as a painting that brings a smile. I adore painting landscapes, characters and portraits, developing these from my imagination. Some of my characters keep re-appearing, such as foxes and chickens, and hares, all of them running riot in my mind. Hare subsequently leapt into my working name 'Curiuos Hare Art' because, like me, it was curious to know what lies beyond the next horizon."



17th May to 29th June


A wonderful and vibrant exhibition of various painters across all genres. From landscapes to abstracts you'll find a wealth of talent and creativity in this skilled exhibition by some incredible painters.

The Eleven artists are as follows: IJE / Susan Mecklenburgh / Kathryn Morris-Roberts / Johnny Paramor / Annette Jansen / Vitor Azevedo / Laura Davies / Nigel Smith / Anjana Cawdell / Ellie Player and Ali Alshukry.

Preview and meet the artists on Saturday 18th May between 1-4.