23rd February to 31st March


Artists across Nottinghamshire are clearing out their studios, attics and cellars and offering the public the chance to buy original art and craft for a fraction of the cost.
Artists are constantly making so the ART SALE 100 gives them a chance to sell their early work, older collections, samples, slight seconds and much more – including previously unseen work.
ART SALE 100 will be held on our ground floor gallery, all artwork will be on sale up to £100 so here’s your chance to grab a bargain that is truly unique. From originals, drawings, prints, glass, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, textiles and photography there will be plenty to choose from in this one off sale.

Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier

2nd March to 14th April

For our second solo showcase we welcome you to Jennifer Colliers fantastical world, where every exquisite detail is made, folded and manipulated from paper. Once books, maps, envelopes, wallpaper or scrap, the paper is transformed into textural forms. Like cloth it is stitched to construct two or three dimensional objects, decorative and functional: lampshades, cameras, tools and furniture. The origin of the paper often provides a starting point for the artwork: the narrative of the books and papers suggesting idea and form. A show not to be missed by this award winning artist.

New Talent Exhibition

12th April to 19th May

This is a brand new exhibition celebrating the fabulous New Talent that Nottingham has to offer. In this exhibition we will have 20 early career artists in various media that have never exhibited to the public before.

Come and see some amazing work by artists of tomorrow. Preview eve Wednesday 11th April 5.00-7.30pm.

David Evans

20th April to 2nd June

Professional artist David Evans is exhibiting his wonderful array of art inspired by Sherwood Forest at Focus Gallery this month for our third solo showcase of the year. David Evans draws stunning works of art, both figure work and portraiture as well as landscape in an abstract style. Through developing techniques such as blending with sanguine pencil or lyrically flowing brush strokes with indigo ink he brings scenes to life. David draws inspiration from the forest, specifically the ancient oaks. He is heavily influenced by classic design such as ‘The Book of Kells’, Kirituhi tattooing or ‘The Dawn of the Floating World’. Through this his passion for drawing is given an outlet; whether it be through pencil, pen or brush his aim to capture the cumber of the bow of a tree or subtle curve of a spine always comes through. David’s motivation is to ‘create beautiful art’ with his stand-alone pieces, by not being focused upon the meaning within his work he simply creates unique ways to view the world around him.

Corrina Rothwell

Corrina Rothwell

8th June to 21st July

Corrina Rothwell is a self-taught artist, illustrator and greeting card publisher who is well known in Nottingham to create colourful, witty cards and prints inspired by everyday life. She now moves into large scale paintings full of colour from her favourite animals and the bigger the better with these wonderful pieces. Corrina also creates private and commercial illustration projects and is currently writing and illustrating a children's picture book. From pigeons, cats, dogs and the occassional cheese inpired illustration, this show will be a brilliant one.


Julie Vernon

27th July to 8th September

Julie Vernon is an award winning artist creating one off pieces for sale, exhibitions and commission in her beautiful Nottinghamshire workshop. Working with a mix of materials from vitreous glass, ceramic and vintage porcelain through to natural marble and slate, Julie creates the most gorgeous array of colourways, patterns and styles within her pieces.

We look forward to showing you all in July.

Helena Tyce

14th September to 27th October

Join us in welcoming another local designer to our exhibition wall. Helena Tyce creates beautiful artwork for both the younger and older generations, from nursery rhyme wall art for the little ones to artwork incorporating pastimes such as cycling, running, climbing for the athletes you just dont know what to buy for.

This will be a lovely exhibition from the artist who designed all the artwork for the wonderful 'Gloworm' festival which will have just celebrated its third year.

Christmas Showcase

2nd November to 24th December

A mix of artwork for the festive season.