Ben Sherwin and Jennie McCall

15th September to 28th October

This exhibition will be another lovely one. Young artist Ben Sherwin paints beautiful landscapes of the countyside and along with sleek and delicate ceramics and porcelain by Jennie McCall, a sculptor and illustartor inspired by myth and nature. This is great way to finish off the year before the festive wall.

Ben Clubbs Coldron

22nd September to 28th October

For our first ground floor exhibition we welcome local artist Ben Clubbs Coldron with his eclectic mix of artistic styles. From large scale wall art depicting bold landscapes to the natural wooden forms mimiking modern British sculpture . Discover the beautiful crisp sunsets created in pastels and surreal monocrome city scapes. So much talent in one show by a singular artist, not one to be missed.

David Appleby

1st November to 29th November


Nottingham artist David Appleby creates unique and interesting paintings using classical techniques. The use of contemporary themes runs through his work and he is guided by the interests of achieving something different.
Landscapes, figure, portraits and still life are created in oils which is his favourite choice of medium.

Festive Fayre

3rd November to 24th December

The wall and cabinets will be taken up by our annual festive fayre of artistic wonderment. Stay tuned. 

Terry Bennett

Terry Bennett

12th January to 24th February

Join us for our first solo show for 2018 with the abstract and colourful artwork of Terry Bennett. Terry is a Nottingham artist who plays on colour and layering in his pieces. This will be an exciting start to this year's exhibition programme.

Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier

2nd March to 14th April

For our second solo showcase we welcome you to Jennifer Colliers fantastical world, where every exquisite detail is made, folded and manipulated from paper. Once books, maps, envelopes, wallpaper or scrap, the paper is transformed into textural forms. Like cloth it is stitched to construct two or three dimensional objects, decorative and functional: lampshades, cameras, tools and furniture. The origin of the paper often provides a starting point for the artwork: the narrative of the books and papers suggesting idea and form. A show not to be missed by this award winning artist.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley

20th April to 2nd June

Mark Langley Draws and Paints stunning but intricate works of Animals, Architecture and Landscapes. Animal Portraiture was the origin of Mark's high quality stylish and unusual mix of Graphite and Colour Pencil work. Informed by a background in graphic art and design, his realistic attention to detail is self taught. Mark's type of Architectural art could be called illustration but made an art. It is hard to find in the contemporary art world. His Landscape works are inspired by proportion and form and a progressive and new exciting area. 

Corrina Rothwell

Corrina Rothwell

8th June to 21st July

Corrina Rothwell is a self-taught artist, illustrator and greeting card publisher who is well known in Nottingham to create colourful, witty cards and prints inspired by everyday life. She now moves into large scale paintings full of colour from her favourite animals and the bigger the better with these wonderful pieces. Corrina also creates private and commercial illustration projects and is currently writing and illustrating a children's picture book. From pigeons, cats, dogs and the occassional cheese inpired illustration, this show will be a brilliant one.


Julie Vernon

27th July to 8th September

Information coming....

Helena Tyce

14th September to 27th October

Information coming soon...

Christmas Showcase

2nd November to 24th December

A mix of artwork for the festive season.