Upcoming Workshop

Jewellery School

7th September

Held at Nottinghams very own Jewellery Quarter, Focus Gallery on Derby Road, this is a six week class in all things jewellery. Suitable for beginners up to more experienced makers. We'll cover all the basics of silver smithing and an introduction to jewellers tools and techniques to allow you to create your own pieces of jewellery and metal work. Working in a fully equipped jewellery studio you can try your hand at sawing, drilling, hammering, texturing, enamelling, torch soldering and fusing, finishing, polishing and more. Learn new skills or bring along your own projects to work on.

Latest Exhibition

Nicola Taylor and Sally Beeston

22nd July to 3rd September

The next exhibition is one of fantasy. 

Nicola Taylor is an amazing photographer who captures beautiful photos on stunning backdrops which evoke imagination and intrigue. Nicola is joined by a wonderful glass artist Sally Beeston who creates gorgeous pieces of glasswork with natural and interesting themes.

The preview evening will be on Friday 22nd July from 6pm. Exhibition ends Saturday 3rd September.


Artist of the Month: July

Farah Batool

Farah studied multi-media design at university and works full time as an art teacher.

She predominantly creates hand rolled ceramic tiles which are finished in glass. "I choose to hand roll rather than slip cast as I enjoy the process of making and preparing a quality product. This is most definitely the part of the process that is most painstaking and satisfying for me". 

She finishes all her bird designs in glass as the quality of the finish is more illuminating and vivid than glaze, it’s also more unpredictable and you never quite know how anything will turn out until the very end.