Upcoming Workshop

Introduction to Electroforming with Hayley Priestley

23rd September

Electroforming is the process of creating a metal layer of a desired thickness onto the surface of otherwise organic items.  On this introductory day, we will discuss the chemical process and safety of electroforming, set up the electroplating system, before preparing various items to proceed with electroforming (with copper) to a suitable standard. 

Latest Exhibition

Ben Sherwin and Jennie McCall

15th September to 28th October

This exhibition will be another lovely one. Young artist Ben Sherwin paints beautiful landscapes of the countyside and along with sleek and delicate ceramics and porcelain by Jennie McCall, a sculptor and illustartor inspired by myth and nature. This is great way to finish off the year before the festive wall.


Artist of the Month: September

Ben Clubbs Coldron

Born in Sheffield in 1993 Ben Clubbs Coldron is a Nottingham based artist working primarily in sculpture, paint and pastel. He began in the legal discipline working primarily in mental health law but is looking to make an impact on the Nottingham art scene and beyond. He both produces public artworks which communicate allegorical cultural and political messages as well as selling a variety of more traditional pieces.