Upcoming Workshop

Lace Bracelet with Suzanne Plamping

10th June

An opportunity to have an introduction to the traditional craft of Bobbin Lace, with all materials and equipment provided.  A chance to try this traditional craft with a modern twist.  Bobbin lace is an extrordinary traditional craft which uses threads attached to wooden bobbins. These are used to work over a design on a pillow to create decorative textile items.

Latest Exhibition

Patricia Lane and Johnny Paramor

6th June to 18th July

Derbyshire artist Patricia Lane has painted for most of her life – mainly in watercolour. However, it was only since she retired that she found more time to indulge her passion for art. In 2013, seeking inspiration, she changed media to acrylics, adding all sorts of different materials to create drama and texture within her work. This changed her style of painting and gave an element of abstraction which she loves.


Artist of the Month: May

Crafted Timber

From a workshop in anl East Yorkshire village, Jonathan makes beautiful wooden objects. Timbers are selected for their unique properties and beauty, just as traditional joinery techniques add a proven longevity and visual interest. Having a Fine Art background means that designs start as a sketch and develop almost like sculpture, the most successful pieces come from trusting instinct and not being afraid of failure.
Hand tools are central to the creation process, when making one item at a time using saws and chisels to cut joinery is easy to justify over setting up machinery, what is less apparent is the insistence of hand planning components. At the beginning of the process planes allow an intimacy and understanding of the material, in the final work the depth of surface is the reason for finishing with a sharp cutting tool. Combined with textured areas, shadow lines and chamfers these elements all play with the ever changing quality of light, details that are subtle and reveal themselves over time when living with the piece.