Upcoming Workshop

Little Gems Hammered Pendants

20th August

Little Gems Childrens Workshops:

Latest Exhibition

Anne Menary and Janet Halligan

21st July to 9th September

Join us for another wonderful exhibition by 2D textile artist Anne Menary and 3D cermacist Janet Halligan.

Using ideas from her sketchbook, Anne works by hand creating textile collage pictures and postcards which illustrate an 'other worldly' take on life. She also works to commission to create unique personalised pictures and hangings.


Artist of the Month: August

Rachel Grigor

Rachel Grigor was born in Bath, Somerset and achieved a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmith’s College.
Her subject matter is both figurative and landscape. 
"My considerations are our fragile relationship with nature. I am interested in play, comedy, mystery and the possibilities of dance and its roots in communication."
Her work utilises a variety of media, from pastel and charcoal to her favourite - etching.
About which she writes "The process of etching allows a variety of mark making and makes provision for the accidental. The result entertains an element of surprise".