Upcoming Workshop

Paper Flower Bouquet and Garland Making with Super and Super

4th June

Join Super+Super's Amy for a Saturday morning of paper craft and flower making. In this 4.5 hour session you will learn the skills to make 4/5 different variations of crepe and tissue paper blooms which you will then build into a gorgeous bespoke bouquet of your own design and styling! This project makes a fantastic pre wedding craft day for a creative bride who is planning a hand made/crafty wedding or as spring summer craft session for some looking to learn the art of paper flower making.

Latest Exhibition

Kris Mercer and Vivienne Ross

15th April to 28th May

This exhibition is going to be wonderful. 

The extremely talented local artist Kris Mercer captures Nottingham scenes like never before in the delightful exhibition. Kris has a distinctive style and these works of art would suit any home whether you're local or further afield. 

Alongside Kris is the cheeky ceramics of Vivienne Ross, a fabulous ceramicist who deigns amusing tableware with wonderful creative flair.


Artist of the Month: May

Anna Collette Hunt

Anna uses clay to create vivid worlds you can step into. They may be universes or they may be mere fragments, it depends on how much she chooses to reveal. Anna reinterprets forgotten folklores and conjures up her own dream like tales to translate upon the clay. Viewers are compelled to investigate the ceramics as they search for hidden details on the layered surfaces. It is hard to deny the urge to touch the carved illustrations or curiously pick up an alluring stag beetle. The scenes and compositions captured upon the illustrated surfaces speak of historic grandeur and past traditions, whilst on closer inspection whisper darker sentiments delicately into your ear.