Upcoming Workshop

Glitzy Glass Jewellery Day with Stevie Davies

31st March

This workshop is suited for all abilities. You will go through the process of cutting and breaking sheets of glass safely before spending the day creating designs which can be finished pieces of jewellery using other techniques and materials including silver smithing, mosaic, wire wrapping and beading. Everyone loves sparkle and this workshop is perfect for making wearable art for yourself or to give as give away as gifts.

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23rd February to 31st March



Artist of the Month: March

Jacob Chandler

Jacob’s work aims to ‘capture the most dramatic part of an action, the tipping point from one movement to another, a point that is more often felt rather than seen’. Ordinarily this fleeting change would be gone in the blink of an eye but to hold it forever in a solid yet ethereal design creates strong emotional impact. The use of metal, particularly steels such as corten, adds another dynamic to his work as the oxidisation means the surface is constantly changing. Jacob is entirely self-taught, but expands his practice through collaboration with professional artists, alongside leading industry experts in metal fabrication, computer aided design and manufacture.